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Prepare for this Excitement

ELYSEE is the first exclusive fun-filled action-packed theme food and beverages Mall in SCBD, Sudirman Jakarta Selatan. Situated at the heart of the city and surrounded by affluent multi-international companies with workforce from all over the world.

Imagine the most well known eatery in one place. ELYSEE is the place to be for fun filled outings with your friends, families and colleague whilst enjoying delicious offerings of international cuisines.

The phrase “Getting something to eat” has a whole new meaning.

Floor Plan
G Floor
  • Parking lots...95
  • Floor Plate...2658.57 sqm
  • Tenant Area...199.06 sqm
  • Semigross Area...273.88 sqm
  • Gross Area...362.95 sqm
1st Floor
  • Floor Plate...2658.57 sqm
  • Nett Area...1149.13 sqm
  • - Indoor...895.61 sqm
  • - Outdoor...253.52 sqm
  • Casual Lease...22.52 sqm
  • Common Area...963.04 sqm
2nd Floor
  • Floor Plate...1865.62 sqm
  • Nett Area...1051.86 sqm
  • - Indoor...1022.56 sqm
  • - Outdoor...29.30 sqm
  • Casual Lease...30.23 sqm
3rd Floor
  • Floor Plate...2050.08 sqm
  • Nett Area...1793.55 sqm
5th Floor
  • Floor Plate...2158.20 sqm
  • Nett Area...1854.62 sqm
6th Floor (Rooftop)
  • Floor Plate...2158.20 sqm
  • Nett Area...1805.92 sqm
  • - Indoor...846.91 sqm
  • - Outdoor...889.1 sqm
  • Casual Lease...69.08 sqm
Ultimate and Adventurous

Elysee located at Jakarta Golden Triangle

ELYSEE is situated on the east corner of the Sudirman Central Business District known as SCBD. The location is surrounded by office buildings, hotel, apartments and Pacific Place Shopping Center. SCBD has been home to local and international leading companies in Indonesia.

The occupancy rate of office building and rental rates in SCBD is higher than accupancy rate and market rental rates for office space in Jakarta.

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Jl. Jendral Sudirman, Kav. 52-53 SCBD Lot.21
Jakarta Selatan

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